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The battlefield as an object of interest to visitors and adaptation to tourism

13 October, 2020

The article by Dr. Dagmara Chylińska will analyse  in general terms the potential of battlefields for tourism, but also in material and symbolic terms how to present and adapt them as particularly “sensitive” symbols of heritage, a problem which any adaptation to tourism would need to solve, not to mention the technical problems also involved. […]

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3D VR Models

07 October, 2020

With every single battle infographic, we will create 3D VR models of participants of individual battles. The models are published on the platform and have been appreciated by thousands of users. Westerplatte models are among the top ten best projects in the world in sketchfab’s Cultural and Historical Heritage section in 2020. You can […]

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Infographic – the Battle of Kock 1939

06 October, 2020

Today we will publish the second in a series of 24 infographics about important battles together with a Sketchfab silhouette of a Polish pilot or, more precisely, b a woman-pilot – Janina Lewandowska, who was the only woman, a Polish Army soldier, to be murdered by the Soviets in Katyn. The Battle of Kock was […]

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Proud to recreate history!

05 October, 2020

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk is first in the world to launch a project that merges VR and AR  technologies for digitally recreated historical events and sites. The 3D graphics uploaded onto Sketchfab platform are among top 10 best projects in the world in the Cultural and Historical Heritage in 2020 […]

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