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31 March, 2022

Winter War of 1939 – 1940 is a perfect example of how a determined nation fighting a partisan war in defense of its motherland can overcome an onslaught of brutal Soviet aggressor hordes.  The war was a military clash between the motivated Finns and the overwhelming agressor – the Red Army. View our Winter War […]

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Narvik 1940 – Audio show

27 October, 2021

As part of the WBMF (World Battlefield Museums Forum) you can view our Narvik infographic and learn more about the battle and its significance.

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KOCK 1939 – the Final Battle of the Polish Campaign

12 October, 2021

Today we publish the redesigned KOCK 1939 infographic together with a Sketchfab silhouettes of Polish heroes – a pilot or, more precisely, a woman-pilot – Janina Lewandowska who was the only woman, a Polish Army soldier, to be murdered by the Soviets in Katyn, and General Franciszek Kleeberg. The Battle of Kock was the final […]

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Varus Battle 9 a.d. – radio show

08 October, 2021

In a battle that lasted a few days the united tribes wiped out three well trained and organized Roman legions. How was this possible?

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