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The Crimean War 1853-1856 – Radio Show

24 September, 2021

Listen to a gripping story of the Crimean conflict and view our infographic/3D model telling the story of the bloody war.

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Verdun – “Hell cannot be so terrible as this”

10 September, 2021

For the Germans, the Verdun fortress had been an obstacle in their march on the West for centuries. After the defeat of France in the war with Prussia in 1871, the city became a border fortress. In the summer of 1914, when the Battle of the Marne took place, Verdun resisted every German attack preventing […]

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Westerplatte: the First Battle of WWII – Infographics

01 September, 2021

The Battle of Westerplatte has become a symbol of courage and determination of the Polish defenders in the face of overwhelming enemy force. On the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939, view the updated infographic “Westerplatte 1939 – the first battle of WWII. View our latest Westerplatte battle infographic

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El Alamein: Blietzkreig in the Desert

26 August, 2021

In September 1940, Italian troops operating from Libya attacked the British forces stationed in Egypt. The British stood in defence of the strategically important  Suez Canal and the oil fields of Arabia and Mesopotamia. In December 1940, however, following the defeat of the Italian army, Hitler ordered General Erwin Rommel’s  Afrika Korps to be sent […]

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