„Digital Westerplatte” project awarded

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Infographic – The Siege of Sevastopol 1854-1855

14 January, 2021

The Crimean War was yet another conflict between Russia and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) for control of the Black Sea basin. The Western powers sided with Turkey: Great Britain, France and Sardinia, who wanted to prevent Russian expansion in the Middle East. The destruction of Turkey would have meant Russia’s hegemony in the area. In […]

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From Battlefield Archaeology to Conflict Archaeology

12 January, 2021

In his article, Jan Wrzosek, briefly presents the origins and development of battlefield archaeology and its transition to conflict archaeology. The article has been published as part of Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk’s publication Material Remains of Armed Conflicts. We hope you enjoy the article. This article briefly presents the origins and […]

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Infographic – Winter War

18 December, 2020

Suomussalmi (December 7th, 1939 – January 8th, 1940) The greatest Finnish victory during the Winter War against the Soviet Union. View our infographic and learn the story of Soviet defeat in the battle of Suomussalmi >> The defeat of Poland in the war against both the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and the partition […]

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Infographic – Pearl Harbor

07 December, 2020

On the anniversary of the attack learn more about the attack and its consequences by looking at our Pearl Harbor infographic. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ATTACK

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