Kock 1939

The Battle of Kock was the last battle of the 1939 Polish campaign. Polish soldiers, maintaining their advantage over Wehrmacht troops, lay down their arms only on October 6, 1939 due to lack of ammunition.

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During the Battle of Kock, Polish airmen flew in the SGO Polesie platoon. Polish airmen threw hand grenades at German troops. On October 4, their PWS-26 aircraft was damaged and was unsuitable for further operations.

Janina Lewandowska born on 1908 in Kharkiv. She graduated from the Higher School of Pilotage and in the field of radio telegraphy in Lviv and Dęblin. As the first woman in Europe, she made a parachute jump from a height of 5 km. She took part in the September Campaign. She joined the personnel of Air Base No. 3. Taken prisoner by the Soviets around September 20, near Husiatyn. She stayed in the camps in Ostaszków and Kozielsk. Murdered by NKVD officers by the decision of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the VKP (b) of March 5, 1940, probably on her 32nd birthday, April 22, 1940. She was buried in the area of ​​the present Polish War Cemetery in Katyn. A few days earlier, her sister Agnieszka Dowbor-Muśnicka was shot by the Germans in Palmiry.

second-lieutenant pilot Janina Lewandowska