Battlefields map

Ypres (II and III battle), Belgium 1915-16
Narwik 1940
Australia in WWI
Battle of Verdun, France 1916
Battle of Gallipoli, Turkey 1915-1916
Korean War 1950
Pearl Harbour, USA 1941
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, Germany 9 AD
El Alamein (I and II battle), Egypt 1942
Battle of Callao, Peru 1866
Hussite Wars 1419-1436
French uprising (Maqus du Vercors), 1944
National Slovak Uprising, 1944
Operation Husky (Allied landings in Sicily) Italy 1943
Battle of Gettysburg, USA 1863
Battle of Berestechko, Ukraine 1651
Battle of Waterloo, Belgium 1815
Kock 1939
Lead toy soldier 19th cent.
Mauser carabine pattern 1929 7.92 mm bullets
1 pound cannonball from Napoleonic Wars
Polish Officer's Compass Jeznacki pattern 1934
Virtuti Military Cross Class V
Polish Combat Sabre wz. 34 "Ludwikowka"
Mauser pattern 1929 ammo casing
Spearhead 1st century
French military button of the 30. Regiment of Line Infantry
Dog tag - WWI