The Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk is first in the world to launch a project that merges VR and AR  technologies for digitally recreated historical events and sites.

The 3D graphics uploaded onto Sketchfab platform are among top 10 best projects in the world in the Cultural and Historical Heritage in 2020 section. The 3D models of historical events were appreciated by the users themselves – the Museum’s presentation has been viewed by several thousand Internet users within 3 weeks of its publication. The presentation allows users to view the models on any device: computer, smartphone, or 3D VR goggles.

The premiere VR content is a digitally reconstructed fragment of the Westerplatte Military Transit Depot from 1939. The digital reconstruction includes details such as a tiled stove modeled on the recently excavated fragments of original tiles, or furnishings of the  Stationmaster’s office. users are able to view and virtually tour the station building, the area in front of the railway gate, warehouses, and nearby buildings. The introduction of voice-over for comments an storytelling adds important details to the VR presentation. Users can follow and relate to little-known, tragic story of Westerplatte’s Stationmaster sergeant Wojciech Najsarek. Individual scenes and narratives  let viewers re-live and participate in the attack on Westerplatte’s  railway gate and in pushing back the German attack by the “Wał” outpost.

Through the innovative use of 3D VR technology, the presentation by the Museum of WWII in Gdansk inspires users of all ages, especially the youth,  to learn about important historical events

View a digitally reconstructed fragment of the Westerplatte Military Transit Depot from 1939: